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Wholesale Drum: Call For Pricing

As Consumers become more aware the demand for safer, cleaner and environmentally responsible household and commercial cleaning products are increasing. Prudent companies across all industry sectors use environmental-based strategies to innovate and create value and build competitive advantage.

Are your clients now demanding that you provide green cleaning products, without sacrificing efficacy?  It can be very challenging to evaluate the environmental attributes of cleaners since some companies have changed their marketing schemes to use words such as “green” “environmentally friendly” or “natural” on their product labels even though their products continue to contain hazardous chemicals.
How can you make an informed purchasing decision?

Check the ingredients.  None of our ingredients are on the hazardous or toxic list.
EPA Registration Not required
Since improper use can affect the performance of cleaners, as your supplier we are available to illustrate the proper use of our products to your maintenance staff.
Although competitively priced in the green segment of the cleaning industry, some of our products may be priced higher than some traditional cleaners but it may actually be LESS expensive to use when the full cost of using standard products is considered.

Such costs include worker training, environmental and workplace regulations, reduction in employee sick time due to hazardous chemical exposure and leftover product disposal. When you buy Liquid Green products which contain no toxic or hazardous components, you can reduce these costs. When you purchase our concentrated products, it may actually be cheaper to use when properly diluted.
To make accurate price comparisons, assess the “cost-per-application” and NOT the “cost-per-volume”.

Clean with confidence. Our products are 100% toxin-free with no fragrance, no hazardous labels and zero flashpoints.
Applicable sectors include but not limited to:








Attention: Managers, Owners or Buyers for:

  • Gyms, Yoga Studios and other Health and Fitness Facilities
  • Health Stores
  • Pet Stores
  • Veterinarians
  • Groomers
  • Whole Foods and Ethnic Supermarkets

A Liquid Green Consultant will be happy to serve you and answer all your questions about Wholesale Orders. Easy, Convenient and Reliable Service.