PlantMate™ For healthier, sturdier plants.



GROW YOUR PLANTS THE WAY NATURE INTENDED…TOXIN-FREE! A non-carcinogenic and 100% biodegradable plant supplement that is not a fertilizer but mimics the action of fertilizers though a process known as cationic exchange (CE). CE is the electromagnetic exchange between the plant’s root and nutrient ions of the soil. Through CE PlantMate increases the root size of plants, allowing greater absorption of nutrients and water (critical in arid land areas). PlantMate is not an insecticide but the CE process brought about by the use of PlantMate encourages the increase of sugar content production (BRIX) in plants. Some insects cannot effectively digest increased levels of plant sugar, so insect attacks are reduced or eliminated. The result is improved plant health and maturity while using less fertilizer and insecticide, a winning situation for the consumer and the environment.For use by homeowners, community gardeners and farmers.

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Weight .680 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 8.75 in


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