PlantMate For growing plants the way nature intended,Toxin-free.
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Toxin-free Farming:

The agricultural sector to any country’s national economy is critically important, not only as it relates to the country’s GDP and employment but without food, a nation starves.

Safe, healthy food is basic for human existence. Without it, life chances are drastically reduced. Farmers therefore have a moral responsibility to do everything possible to produce safe, toxin-free food.

PlantMate™  is a remarkable natural, organic plant supplement that enables trees and plants to grow healthier, sturdier and safely develop a natural resistance to many harmful pests and fungi. It also helps to increase crop production. PlantMate™ helps to enhance plant root growth and nourishment in young plants by stimulating their deep and rapid penetration of the soil. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Contains absolutely no GMO ingredients and poses no harm to humans, animals, aquatic or plant life.

Ths eco-superior, toxin-free concentrate is a natural plant supplement for the growing and eating of food the way nature intended; toxin–free. Without supplementation, deficiencies in certain plant nutrients occur. Symptoms of nutrient deficiency include lack of growth, poor coloration, yellow leaves, and leaf loss. 

PlantMate™ provide vital nutrients to your indoor or out door plants  keeping    them lush and healthy. Naturally and organically without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

PlantMate™ is NOT a fertilizer

PlantMate™ is not a fertilizer or a chemical pesticide. It is an organic extract of natural plants, fruits and vegetables. This remarkable eco-superior product contains the NPK of a fertilizer and an abundance of vitally needed trace minerals for optimum plant health. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with commercial fertilizers and pesticides.

  • The total phosphorous is 0.1%
  • Nitrogen is 0 .03%
  • Potassium is 0 .003%

Its pH of 10.2 tends to neutralize acidic soils damaged by the over use of harsh commercial fertilizers.