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Natural Soft Coat Pet Shampoo

Pet Cleaning Product

Natural Soft Coat Pet Shampoo is a carcinogen-free shampoo with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties from natural plant extracts.Natural Soft Coat Pet Shampoo contains a powerful mixture of botanical ingredients which when combined, effectively reduces itching and scratching due to allergies, hot spots and dermatitis. This 100% green pet shampoo does not contain any antibiotics that destroy bacteria needed to enable faster healing of sensitive skin.


-100% Toxin-free
-Ideal for sensitive pets
-Bathing and rinsing is easier
-Coat looks and feel healthier
-Contains no SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate),or Paraben
-Enriched with extracts of Coconut, neem, jojoba, chrysanthemum, lemongrass and garlic
-No thickener
-Low pH
-Relieves itching or irritated skin due to allergies
-Repels fleas and ticks
-Reduces flaking and dander
-Removes dirt and brightens coat
-Super-cleansing properties help remove stubborn, unknown stains on the coat.
-Made in Canada eh!

Available in 500ML
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