An Eco-superior green product for every washable surface in your home.

Liquid Green Products






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Liquid Green Botanical Multi-purpose Cleaner is for anyone wishing to clean without fear of toxic chemicals. It is 100% carcinogen & toxin-free and can be used on any washable surface. Do not underestimate its non-fragrance and gentle status.  Its efficacy is incomparable and you can rely on it’s safety for the most vulnerable in your family.                  

Once purchased, you can confidently rid your cupboards of all the other harsh chemical cleaners.. You will have a job well done  whatever the surface, be it be wood, laminate, marble, granite, stainless steel or glass.

Spot & Stain Remover and Oduor Buster

Liquid Green Products

500 mL. Click to buy.

100% carcinogen-free cleaner for the removal of organic stains on carpet, upholstery and laundry. Liquid Green Spot & Stain Remover and Odour Buster easily removes:

  • Oil and grease
  • Adhesive, blood, gum, chocolate, coffee, cough syrup,
  • Food colouring, fruit juice, jam, ketchup, red wine, tea,
  • Tomato sauce, crayon, marker, ink, mildew, solvent based furniture polish,
  • Urine, shoe polish, lipstick, make up. Use as a pre-wash prior to laundering. 

For stains and odours from pet and human sources like urine, spray liberally and let penetrate for a few minutes to totally eliminate the odour then rinse or wipe away.



I found that this was an excellent product, no smell and it works. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and Very much love it. Darlene – Oshawa. 

Hello, Fran here. I met you at the booth at the Toronto Yoga Conference this Saturday past.     I tried out the Botanical Multi-purpose Cleaner, that you gave me, in my friend’s bathroom when I got back to her place. Love it! I drove back up north in that awful snow/ice storm Sunday evening. I took your product to the health food store, Grandma’s Pantry, in the village of Killaloe nearby. Melissa, the owner, loves the fact that it has no odour, as she has several clients with sensitivities and reactions to any odour, even natural oils, looking for just such a product. She will be contacting you also. I would be interested in selling your products independently, if it doesn’t work for the store. We have several farmer’s markets in the area that I could easily sell from, too. Looking forward to connecting with you again. Thanks for catching my eye at the show. Yours in interest, Fran.Algonquin Area.