In keeping in line with our goal of producing eco-superior products and promoting a healthier lifestyle, Liquid Green Products have joined in the promotion of PureTrim Mediterranean Health products.   PureTrim’s products are 100% organic with plant stem cells ingredients, as such, we feel confident to introduce these products as another retail item to our customers.


Liquid Green Products  High-sugar foods and junk foods are known as “negative nutrients.” According to The Kellogg Report, “Sugar rich, nutrient-poor foods take up a disproportionate share of many Americans’ diets, leaving individuals in caloric excess, increasingly fat, yet still hungry and malnourished.”  In 1981, authorities from the Center for Science in the public interest presented 31 citations of studies that showed such foods were related to “heart disease, diabetes, hypertension,

WHY SHOULD YOU AVOID CERTAIN FOODS.  Why Avoid Dairy?                                                                                                   Claims that milk and dairy products may assist with weight loss have been refuted by studies proving: “Dairy products are loaded with fats that are easily stored under your skin as body fat,” (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 2002) Studies on milk, even    non-fat milk, have found links to increased risk of heart disease and hypertension. A multi-country review by William B. Grant, PhD, found “…high associations between non-fat milk or milk carbohydrates” and heart disease. (“Milk and Other Dietary Influences on Coronary Heart Disease,” 1998.)obesity, behavioural disorders,” hyperactivity and more.        (The Kellogg Report, 1989)                                    

Liquid Green Products  WHY AVOID COFFEE & TEA                                                                                                    A Duke University research team proved coffee can increase stress levels, thus contributing to high blood pressure and heart disease. (Psychosomatic Medicine, 2002.) Caffeine also triggers fat storage, as it increases the body’s release of insulin.  Coffee causes the body to secrete stress hormones, which causes a greater tendency to store fat. particularly belly fat, says Henry Kahn, MD, of Emory University School of Medicine.

WHY AVOID WHITE FLOUR PRODUCTS?                                                                                                                                                     In “refining” wheat to make white flour, practically all the nutrition is stripped away, there are 39 vitamins and minerals in one kernel of wheat, yet only a few of those are restored to “enriched” flour. White flour is so highly processed and so nutrient deficient that some researchers say eating white flour is almost the same as eating sugar, as it causes blood sugar fluctuations, increased cravings and low energy.  We strongly suggest you switch to gluten-free flour instead.  Good options to use are brown rice flour or chickpea flour.

In fact, most people will use half chickpea flour and half brown rice flour in their favourite baking recipes. Check your local grocery stores for more gluten-free flour options.