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What makes us stand out from the crowd?

In a simple non-scientific explanation: Our cleaners contain billions of tiny sized particles called micelles. Each micelle is comprised of a collection of molecules of fatty esters and fatty acids that is approximately one third the size of a water molecule. They each have a water attracting head and a water repelling tail, just like a regular soap molecule. Unlike regular soap however, micelles are activated when mixed with sufficient amounts of water. They effectively lower the surface tension of water (makes water softer) by up to twice as much as typical water based cleaning solutions and have a remarkably ability to penetrate and rupture the cell wall of bacteria, virus and mold spores. These tiny molecules attach themselves to oil, grease, soap scum, and other hydrocarbon molecules and emulsify them, making it easier to be wiped or rinsed away thus dramatically increasing the cleaning efficiency of our cleaners. Pretty remarkable eh?

Are Liquid Green products a disinfectant or a sanitizer?

No, our cleaners are not classified as sanitizers or disinfectants due to federal regulations in regards to green products. However, all our products are 100% green, eco-superior cleaning solutions. We use a proprietary process to extract plant based ingredients that are packed with nature’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. They contain no toxins, GMO materials or cancer-causing ingredients.

Are your cleaners considered soaps or detergents?

Liquid Green cleaners are not detergents but rather very specially formulated plant based soaps. They are 100% toxin-free, readily biodegradable with an eco-superior efficacy that is unquestionable. When looking for residential or commercial green cleaners you will be hard pressed to find a product that fits the requirement for all the above. Look no further. If it can be cleaned, Liquid Green can clean it and without the use of toxic chemicals.

Why should you go 100% non-toxic?

Because chemical based cleaners could contain: toxic dyes, colour, fragrance and perfumes, artificial orange citrus-based oil, peroxide, ammonia and other artificial additives. In some cases, petroleum products, chemical residue, silica, 2-butoxethanol, Chlorine Bleach (Hydrofluoric Acid) hydrogen peroxide. These are cancer causing chemicals.

Are Liquid Green Products safe for the environment?

Liquid Green is a readily biodegradable, carcinogen-free product. It’s non-toxic plant ingredients biodegrade rapidly and no special disposal procedures are required.

Why is Liquid Green able to clean so well even though there is not a lot of suds?

Unlike many cleaning products that uses enzymes, Liquid Green products uses the power of micelles to efficiently and effectively combat grease, oil and dirt. This proprietary process creates a healthier environment as compared to toxic cleaners and produces less suds and no chemical residue. Too many people are still unaware that having lot of suds is unnecessary to make your wash clean. Just take a look at the high-tech HE, energy efficient washing machines on the market. We have simply been conditioned to equate the amount of suds with the degree of clean.

Are Liquid Green products safe for babies?

A little taste test during our demos is often to the amazement of others but the reason we can do this is because our formulations contain no ingredients that are considered harmful on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list of ingredients. In addition, our products even in its most concentrated form is free of corrosives and does not require any warning or hazard labels. Liquid Green products are fragrance-free and safe for use even around premature babies with delicate lungs.

Are Liquid Green products safe around food?

Liquid Green products can be used effectively on/around food without fear of contamination. It removes chemical residue from fruits and vegetables. All ingredients are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS.) All our products even in its most concentrated form is free of corrosives and does not require any warning or hazardous labels of any kind. It is therefore safe to wash fruits and vegetables as well as it can be sprayed directly on dirty hands with or without the need to rinse.

I hear Liquid Green can be used as a lice shampoo. Is that true?

Yes, our Liquid Green Delousing Shampoo can be used effectively to remove nits that attach to the shaft of the hair. It is preferable to shampoo with Liquid Green rather than the severely toxin alternatives currently on the market.

My friend uses Liquid Green on her son’s eczema. Why is this possible?

We do not market or advertise our products for such use. However, they’re testimonials from customers who have bought and used our cleaners for numerous applications, including some for bee stings and other sensitive skin conditions for both people and pets. There is no question that Soaps and shampoos that contain chemical toxins will leave residue on the skin and on clothing which continue to get absorbed by the skin. Liquid Green Botanical multi-purpose Cleaner is absolutely 100% non-toxic and harmless to humans, pets and the environment. Anyone with a chemically sensitive condition can use it with complete confidence and safety. Based on these testimonials, we know that Liquid Green is an excellent choice for anyone experiencing skin irritations or allergies.

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, can I use Liquid Green to clean my home?

We strongly advise the use of Liquid Green cleaners in the homes of cancer patients. It has no cancer-causing ingredients and is fragrance and toxin-free. We recommend using Liquid Green cleaners in the home for anyone with allergies, or other breathing complaints or for those dependent on external oxygen supplies since there is zero flash points.

Do you offer Discounts?

Follow us @liquidgreenpro to learn about our special discounts. Also, see our standard offers on www.liquidgreenproducts.com and like us on fb: liquidgreenproducts. If you are a Livegreen card holder, just present your card when purchasing and you will always receive 10% off all items, all the time.

How to contact Liquid Green Products?

We love to hear from you. See our Contact us page on this site.

I am interested in using Liquid Green products for the next Fundraising event for my Organization/Sports Team. What should I do?

Liquid Green is a family and community focused company and it is our commitment to contribute to healthier lifestyles and personal well-being by supporting community involvement, charitable giving and stewardship. Simply send us an email to fundraising@liquidgreenproducts.com and we will contact you with details. Programs can be tailored to suit any event. We give generously.

I would like to write a story about Liquid Green Products. Who should I contact?

We will be happy to accommodate your schedule for a personal meeting. We are passionate about our products and like to share them with as many as possible. Call us at 905-554-7336 or send us an email at info@liquidgreenproducts.com

How do I make a complaint about Liquid Green Products?

Hopefully you will never need to. We are not saying we will never have a problem but at Liquid Green Products we will always try to rectify disputes to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. Customer service is our priority! Call us at 905-554-7336 or write to us at info@liquidgreenproducts.com

I would love to host a Liquid Green Home Party in my home. Who should I contact?

We have a simple but profitable program for Stay at Home Moms or anyone who would like to introduce Liquid Green Products in the comfort of a home environment. Simply call us at 905 554 7336 or email us at sales@liquidgreenproducts.com

My Office/School/Organization is having a ‘Lunch n Learn’ and would like to book a Speaker on “Harmful Chemicals in Household Products.” How do I book?

Our Power Point presentation has been widely successful and offers a variety of alternatives to clean without chemicals. For more details simply call us at 905 554 7336 or email us at info@liquidgreenproducts.com

How do I get onto Liquid Green’s email/mailing list?

Simply go to our contact page and enter your information and you’d be added to our mailing list.

My organization would like to get a product donation from Liquid Green Products. Who should I contact?

Liquid Green is a family and community focused company and it is our commitment to contribute to healthier lifestyles and personal well-being by supporting community involvement, charitable giving and stewardship. Simply send us an email to fundraising@liquidgreenproducts.com detailing your request and we will contact you. Be sure to state the name of your organization and your charitable status.

I would like to purchase a Custom Gift Basket. What should I do?

Although Liquid Green does not stock gift baskets we do custom baskets with a variety of cleaning and related products. Gift basket can be created for Real Estate/insurance agents. Mortgage brokers, etc., who want to add the gift of cleaning to clients who need to prepare to sell or clean up once sold. Simply contact us with your request. info@liquidgreenproducts.com

How can I become a reseller of Liquid Green Products?

We have a simple but profitable program for or anyone who would like to introduce Liquid Green products to others. Simply call us at 905 554 7336 or email us at sales@liquidgreenproducts.com

What forms of payments do you accept?

When you are ready to Checkout you will be able to choose from a variety of payment methods. We do accept cheques but please be aware that processing and shipment of your products will be made only when your cheque has been cleared by the financial institution, usually 7-10 business days.

What is your shipping policy?

We try our best to ship orders within 48 hours of receipt. If there is a conflict you will be notified. If payment is by cheque orders will be shipped once payment is cleared.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the Checkout page where you will be offered Shipping details. Other arrangements can be made to accommodate personal preferences. Also, please see our list of retailers where you can purchase our products and save the shipping costs. Please note that we reserve the right to correct shipping charges where applicable. If this occurs, we will notify you of any changes to your order.

How secure is your shopping cart?

Our web site is very secure all transactions are securely done via PayPal. PayPal checkout is a fast, easy and safe way for any online purchase.

Do you carry other products?

We also produce a carcinogen-free agricultural product for growing sturdier, healthier plants without toxic chemicals. See our plant section or Call 905-554-7336 for more info.

Where can I buy Liquid Green products?

Below is a list of all current retailers. Be sure to check in frequently as we add to our list.
All-Reptiles – 1911 Kennedy Rd. Unit 19, Scarborough.
Crawford Seventh Day Adventist Store – 531 Finch Ave. W.
Global Pet Foods – 122 Ellesmere Rd. Scarborough, ON.
Global Pet Foods – Bennett Ave. Scarborough
Living Healthy –2291 Kipling Ave, Etobicoke.
Menagerie Pet Shop – 549 Parliament St, Toronto. (Cabbagetown)
Simply Reptiles Oshawa – 426 Simcoe St S, Oshawa.
True Vacuum –140 Doncaster Ave, Thornhill.
R.O.O.T.S. Pharmacy -3932 Keele Street North (North West corner of Keele & Finch)
On line: www. liquidgreenproducts.com
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