Carpet & Upholstery

Botanical Carpet & Upholstery Care – Concentrate

Liquid Green Products is a supplier of 100% carcinogen-free, bio-degradable carpet and upholstery shampoos for residential, Commercial applications.

Liquid Green Products

Available in 4/20 litre

Our products are effective due to a revolutionary colloidal chemistry that is comprised of plant-based ingredients. Working on a sub-microscopic level, it emulsifies oil, grease, soap scum, and other hydrocarbon molecules (the basis of nearly all cleaning and degreasing jobs). Billions of the micelles surround individual oil molecules and separate (emulsify) them. Once separated, they can easily be wiped or rinsed away.

Liquid Green products are comprised of food-grade ingredients that are non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable. Unlike many products in the chemical industry, our products will not harm pets or the environment.  As a cleaning solution Liquid Green products are highly effective and can be used in every segment of the cleaning industry, for light or heavy duty conditions.

Building maintenance professionals will greatly benefit from the use of Liquid Green Carpet Care.  It is a unique, all-natural solution designed to eliminate 95% of stains from carpets and rugs quickly and effectively. Its unique blend of plant based ingredients removes dirt and stain molecules, restoring rugs and carpets to their original beauty. Food residues, pet and ink stains and other deposits are defenseless against Liquid Green Botanical Carpet Care.  Apply with heated or non-heated carpet cleaners and extraction machines, carpet shampooers, steam carpet cleaners, or by hand with a brush, no gloves or masks required.

Botanical Carpet Care… for a cleaner clean.

  • Ideal for low-moisture carpet cleaning machines.
  • Can be applied with a hand brush or with a variety of carpet/upholstery cleaning equipment.
  • Efficiently emulsifies and removes oil and grease
  • Efficient stain remover
  • Leaves no sticky residue behind to re-soil treated areas
  • No fragrance. No colour
  • No gloves or masks required
  • Non caustic
  • Reduce o-rings replacement
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Removes tough stains, including pet, dairy, blood, ink, mildew and other allergy causing residue
  • Superior efficacy
  • Use with sprayers or steam extractors.
  • Works on any type of carpet or upholstery, without the need for chemical pre-spotters.
  • Safe for sewers & septic
  • Made in Canada, eh!

A short List of Stains That Can Be Removed.

Adhesive, alcoholic beverages, animal stains, barnyard soil, beans, beer, beet juice, berries, blood, browning, calamine lotion, candy, carbon paper, ketchup, cheese, chewing gum, children’s drink mix, chocolate, clay, cod liver oil, coffee, cola, cologne, cooking fat, copier toner, correction fluid, cosmetics, crayon crème de menthe, diaper stains, dirt, driveway sealer, dye, easter egg, eggnog, feces, fingerprint dust, food extract, some food stains, grease, fruit and fruit juices, fungicide, furniture polish-solvent base, furniture polish- water base, furniture polish-wax, gasoline, Gatorade, gelatin, glue, airplane glue, animal glue, carpenters glue, casein glue, Elmer’s glue, hobby glue, household glue, latex glue, vegetable glue, white glycerin, glycerin, grape drink, grape juice, graphite grease, gravy,  vehicle grease, greasy foods, gum, hair dye, hair oil, hair spray, hand cream, ice cream, ink, ball point ink, copying ink, dry ink, iodine, kerosene, lacquer, linseed oil, lip gloss, lipstick, Lysol, makeup, mildew, mustard, motor oil, paint cleaner, tobacco, urine wet or dry, vomit and many, many more.