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-100% readily biodegradable & carcinogen-free.
-Dramatically increases food supply.
-Plants have earlier and higher rates of germination and quicker flowering.
-Reduces the amount and cost of insecticides & fertilizers.
-Increases the nutritional content of food.
-Plants grow stronger, healthier and better able to resist disease and harmful insects and fungi.
-Remediates chemically contaminated soils.
-Rescues and revitalizes old and diseased plants.
-Will not harm animal or aquatic life.
-Reduces risk of accidents or illness due to chemical use.

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Benefits to the user

-Reduces the risk of cancer and other debilitating conditions associated with toxic chemicals.
-Fewer harvest rejection rates.
-Most crops treated with PlantMate™ mature much faster, which facilitates double cropping in some produce and an increase in harvest volumes.
-Faster crop production means less borrowing costs on loans.
-Dramatic yield increase.
-Regular use translates to higher profits.
-Never have to wear gloves or masks during application.
-Save thousands annually by reducing damage to plants.
-Reduce fertilizers and other chemical costs.
-Low per gallon cost, excellent dilution rates.

Available in 500ML
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How does PlantMate™ work against harmful insects and bacteria?

There are seven ways in which this solution is extremely effective against harmful insects.
-Fatty acids penetrate the insect’s outer covering (cuticle) and dissolve or disrupt cell membranes and cytoplasm. This disrupts cell integrity causing cells to leak and collapse, destroying respiratory functions, and resulting in dehydration and death of the insect.
-It interferes with cellular metabolism and the production of growth hormones during metamorphoses.
-Due to its carbon length, it can de-wax the pest’s joints leading to paralysis so they fall victim to other pests.
-It strips the pest’s organic shields (wax, biofilm, etc.) which is used as protection, rendering it defenseless against subsequent treatment.
-PlantMate impacts the exoskeleton structure of the pest upon contact by disrupting the molecular structure of the chitin and other protein substances that protect the insect. This mechanism of action triggers the rapid and irreversible deterioration of the insect’s spiracles and tracheal system resulting in suffocation.
-It has the ability to fit into the interstices of complex hydrocarbon chains and disintegrate them.
-It emulsifies and separates bacteria, thus stopping their reproduction cycle.
The major benefit of this revolutionary method is the absence of undesirable side effects on human health and the ecosystem. Unlike standard pesticides, the targeted pests and fungus can develop no resistance.