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This is the new mantra of the business community, as prudent companies across all industry sectors use environmental-based strategies to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantage. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the cleaning industry where green cleaning has taken a firm hold in the marketplace.

Liquid Green Products is the industry benchmark for environmentally safe cleaning products. Our products offer a significant competitive advantage over alternative or conventional brands, in terms of efficacy and safety. We tailor our products to be industry specific, be it home care, automotive, airline, marine, agriculture, food and beverage or any other cleaning challenge warranted. Our revolutionary technology produces the single most effective range of environmentally friendly and humanly safe cleaning products.

In short, Liquid Green Products honours personal health and wellness and the natural ecological balance of the environment. As part of our professional line of Liquid Green products, we offer highly effective, environmentally superior and responsible cleaning liquids. We’re proud to offer our brand for use in your home, office, auto, or leisure craft. Liquid Green products offers a wide range of cleaning capabilities and a high degree of efficacy, ranging from oil clean up to agricultural solutions.

Liquid Green Products Inc. is a Canadian based company with a unified vision towards a sustainable environment, for future generations. It is our commitment to contribute to healthier lifestyles and personal well-being. We support community involvement, charitable giving and stewardship.

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Promise a little, Deliver a lot.

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